Improve your outlook on life with Mindscope Success Motivation. Learn to use the power of your mind. Get what you want out of life you have the power. Learn to use it now!
Mindscope audio tapes are different from other audio tapes in that they combine Hypnotic Conditioning with Deep Relaxation, and Creative Brain Learning. Programme your Creative Mind.

Bring peace into your mind, success into your life, by relaxing & listening to:
"Footprints in the Sand", "Happiness", "If", "On This Day", "Don't Quit" and "Desiderata". This beautifully produced six track cassette features words & music to lift & inspire you.
You have the right to sexual happiness. Be a powerful man, be fulfilled, function totally. Experience sexual joy.
Increase your capacity for sexual loving. Reach your true sexual potential. Be a better lover. Experience the joy of total sexual happiness.

This tape will teach relaxation to those who try too hard. It will help to develop positive attitudes for those who are discouraged. You will be helped to maintain speech fluency in high stress feared situations.
Do you worry? Do you feel fear or tension at the thought of having to give a speech or short talk. Learn to speak with confidence and perfect poise, to an audience of hundreds or a small group. You can express your ideas clearly and effectively.
Experience the joy of natural health without drugs. This is the self help programme you have been praying for. With Ten Simple mental exercises you will be able to control your allergy. Free booklet included.

Use your creative mind to become more attractive. Give yourself a new image. Change your eating habits by powerful, positive concepts. Free diet sheet.
Achieve dazzling memory skills recall facts and figures easily. Learn how to quickly programme your creative mind. No memorisation of key words used.
Mindpower learning methods that you can really use. You can supercharge your willpower, concentration, double your learning speed, and achieve total concentration.

Break the habit now. Practice the simple mental exercises on this Power Programming cassette, and enjoy a longer, healthier, happier life.
Radiate self confidence. Improve your self image. Overcome the fear of criticism, the fear of rejection, fear of failure.
This power packed programme cassette has been developed to help you play better golf by the use of mind power. It will help you to overcome the mental hazards of the game.

All Audio Tapes Cost $29.00 / £25.00 Sterling / €32.00, Including Packing and Postage.

For Security Reasons,
Please Send Cheques / Money Orders to Mindscope at Address Below.