The induction of SELF - HYPNOSIS is easy once you understand the relationship between the CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS mind. Think of your mind as two separate parts with a wall between them. This wall keeps all information received by the Conscious Mind from reaching the Subconscious Mind until it has been screened through experience, knowledge, and logic. During Hypnosis, this wall is removed.

   The Subconscious Mind is the "Old Mind", and Man and Woman shares it with all other living creatures. It has no reasoning power, only instinct. The Conscious Mind is called the "New Mind", or the "Mind of Man". It is the New Mind, with the power to reason. This makes Man superior to all other creatures on Earth. Other creatures act through instinct. Even trained animals perform only through conditioning, fear, hunger or a need for security. Man, if he wishes, may use his Conscious Mind to direct his actions by logic. The Conscious Mind receives all messages directed to the brain from the senses. It receives pictures through the eyes, sound through the ears, pain from the nerves and so forth. Then it analyses them with logic. After the report has been judged, it is given to the Subconscious Mind to be permanently recorded. The Subconscious Mind has no filtering system. It accepts everything it receives as truth and records it as fact. Because the Subconscious Mind has no power to reason, and accepts everything given to it as truth, it cannot alter any message it receives. By learning to use Self - Hypnosis, you can change, amend or alter all negative thoughts you may have allowed to affect you during your lifetime.